I don’t go to the cinema often, so it’s been quite a while since I saw a film there. We, two friends and I, planned to watch ‘Suicide Squad‘ a few days before we actually did. However, all seats were taken and we saw that giant poster. ‘Afterwork Tuesday‘. So instead we went to ‘Kurt Frozen Yogurt‘, which is located in Schultergasse and decided to come back on Tuesday.

And we did. Come back, I mean. Before we went in, we grabbed some frozen yoghurt. There were so many people, but we got some very good places. Because of this ‘Afterwork’ day, we had to pay less and got some sweets and drinks.

The film itself was good. In my opinion. People seem to have very different opinions about it. About the plot, about the characters… Well, I think it was a bit too much. Or too less time. It is a bit hard to process something what just happened, when something exciting or thrilling comes right afterwards.

A lot of those who have watched it have their favourites. Harley Quinn, the crazy badass or Boomerang, the…I don’t know how to describe him….the clepto with a unicorn fetish? I can’t decide, I love all of them. Except for Slipknot. He’s a bit unnecessary. And I know that this will probably sound disturbing, but (spoiler alert!) I was glad when he lost his head.

To be honest, I’m not so into that DC stuff, I only watched it, because of the trailer. The characters seemed to be so interesting, that even I wanted to see it and I don’t regret it.


“It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.” – Roger Ebert