Commercials are representations of things or institutions. Sexism is sometimes used to gain attention, but can lead to stir the anger of people, especially women. Mostly it’s a representation of them which excites others. Those, who don’t really think about the discrimination that happens there.

‘Enjoy your time out of the bedroom’ this picture says. That means women are only existing for having sex and cooking. Advertisements like this one are using prejudices. They’re stereotyping groups of humans, in this case women. It’s a harmless picture in comparison to other sexistic commercials:

But hey, sex sells! At least that’s what I’ve read and heard.

However, sexism is often mistaken with being sexy. Apparently a lot of people think those two different things are identical. In sexy advertisements mostly half-naked people are seen. They’re trying to gain attentention through sexual attractiveness and not to discriminate anyone.

Victoria’s Secret is always trying to make sexy advertisements. Well, they’re mainly selling Lingerie. Most of their pictures show famous models with push-up bras and lace pants. They don’t want to be offensive to anyone.

Anyway, sexistic commercials lead to new prejudices and intensify old ones. Sexism won’t just go away, there’ll be always some people leaving such inappropiate comments, pictures etc somewhere.

raspberry creature


“Don’t you read the statistics? Guns are unisex these days.”-Benjamin R. Smith, Atlas