Sitting in my room with my laptop in front of me. I could actually do some things for school, but I’m not in the mood for that. Finished a book called ‘How To Be A Parisan – Wherever You Are’, which is written by four women. Seems like it would’ve been too hard to write it alone, huh? However, I can recommend it to people who wants to live like a cliched Parisienne, with no sweatpants and no three-inch heels (“Why live life halfway.”) in the closet. And you can read fifteen words you need from Camembert and Croissant (I miss the Baguette among these needed words) to Piscine (no, not a swimming pool, it’s something about alcoholic drinks and ice cubes). Those women, Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Anne Berest, even wrote about ‘The ABC’s Of Cheating’ and ‘The Parisienne as Seen by an American Novelist’.

Yup, I am bored if you haven’t recognised that yet. I got another book yesterday. ‘A London Year’. There are diaries, letters etc. in it from different people, among them Charles Dickens (I’ve read ‘Great Expectations’ twice so far) and Virginia Woolf. Of course I am curious about what someone wrote this day, but some years earlier. So the 30th of October has only two ‘stories’. One of them is actually only a one-sentence long information from 1683. It may sound weird, but I find it funny to read something like that it such a book (it doesn’t surprise me though).

“Elizabeth Hare, lately condemned for high treason in clipping his majesties coin, was, according to her sentence, burnt alive in Bunhill Field.” -Narcissus Luttrell

Okay, maybe a bit crazy that I find it amusing to read diary entry like this one. However, I am a bit crazy, so there shouldn’t be any surprised Readers out there. Bisou,



‘I got quite bored when I was hanging in the air. I want to do it without a parachute next.’ –   Rhona Mitra