It sucks to not have a phone. Sometimes… But I’ve much more time for anything else and that’s so weird. I also read more books again, I mean I normally read a lot of books, but now, with more time, I need more. Yup, not very interesting, but I’m bored….again. I know, I know, there are many things I could/should do, but hell, nah.

I’ve no idea about what I could write at the moment. Sometimes I just turn my laptop off and continue writing after a while. Like now.

Alright, I’m sitting on the floor, right in front of my bed. It’s a black bunkbed by the way. And don’t ask me why, but I prefer the floor right now. I’ll sit on the lower bed or on the huge chair when my back hurts.

Just wanted to know what the difference between bukan, tidak, jangan and nggak is. Tidak is the same as nggak (my mother describes it as slang though). Embarrassing. Mum’s Indonesian, but I haven’t used the Indonesian language for yeary, so I forgot pretty much.

Tidak means simply no or is used as a negation for a verb or an adjective (Saya tidak lapar | I’m not hungry) , jangan don’t, but…you use it when you’ve a request or an order (Jangan lari | Don’t run). And bukan negates adverbs and nouns (Saya bukan guru | I’m not a teacher).

Okay…back here, after a little break…I’m crying, well, there are tears on my face, but not because I’m sad or something like that. Nope, I’m happy, really, really, really happy. I just saw the Fantastic Beasts Trailer over and over again and the tears just came.

I’ll leave this page for today, I’m done. So enjoy the rest of this day, have a nice magical evening,



‘Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal’ – JK Rowling (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

‘You’re a wizard, Harry.’ – JK Rowling (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)