Why do they all die…oh, wait, it’s Game Of Thrones. Whatever happens, someone dies. I love it as much as I hate it. No, I love it more. But really, why does everyone get killed? Maybe it’s exactly that what makes it so good. You never know who’s next, because nobody’s safe and never will be.

What annoys me a bit is that more people die in the series than in the books. Like [SPOILER ALERT] Jojen or Myrcella. Few people care about them and I’m one of them. Some characters don’t even exist on TV. Only three of the Sandsnakes are important there and their cousin Arianne isn’t even there to avenge her dear uncle Oberyn alias the Red Viper (he’s one of my favourite characters), but Ellaria is clearly having control over that, but handles it with methods to which I wouldn’t say d’accord.

Should I feel bad that I wasn’t sad when Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark was beheaded? It didn’t surprise me at all. Also when Khal Drogo died. I expected that. I feel like Daenerys would not get what she has now with him. However, I was really, really happy when beloved Joffrey died. Who wasn’t? It was an exciting wedding. Weddings, weddings. The Red Wedding. Remember that one? Well, it’s hard to forget it. Robb, Cat, Greywind. I adore the direwolves and now Summer is dead too! Lady, Greywind, Summer, Shaggydog and I still wonder what Nymeria’s doing.

Apropos, Shaggy…I hate Ramsay and all of those who betrayed the Starks more than anything else in this world.  And that world. I loved still love Shaggy so much, but shortly after we saw his head, Osha died and little Rickon got killed in front of his half-brother, the bastard Jon Snow, who’s actually his cousin, because R+L seems to be true.

R+L: Rhaegar + Lyanna, I hoped it was true and they showed us Lyanna who dies after giving birth to a child, which assumingly is also Rhaegar Targaryens. Of course Robert Baratheon, Lyanna bethrothed would’ve killed that baby for the simply reason that he despises the Targaryens, especially Rhaegar, who more or less kidnapped the Stark girl.

I can’t wait for the rest of the Starks to reunite and fight together against those who turn against the Starks. Make the Starks rise with more power than ever! Oh and I want them to be allies with the Targaryens. Not to mention that Jon should know everything about his real parents, so he would actually realise that Dany is his aunt.

It’s so hard to wait for the next book and the next season.



‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.’ – George RR Martin (Cersei Lannister; ASOIAF | A Game Of Thrones)