Hello, my friends and not yet friends!

As I promised there’ll be more posts this week and this one’s the first (it’s a bit short though).

It’s a about 1pm and I’m leaving home with a friend. We’re heading to the train station and look at the schedule there. Trains to Graz, Salzburg… we decide to take one to St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria.

took this photo on the way to the train station


Coldness is what greets us. It’s really, really cold. Whatever. We go straight away and don’t turn left or right until we reach a little place with a little sculpture.

We walk around for about an hour I guess, then our bodies tell us that they can’t stand that coldness and we return to the train station, just to get on the next train back to Vienna.

On the way from the one to the other capital city I mostly sleep (well, there was a party the night before).

still on the way to the train station
somewhere in St. Pölten
trying not to freeze to death on that cute painted bench
the cute bench


It wasn’t that exciting, but relaxing. Alright, the temperature could’ve beem higher, but it’s November….and I love to complain about things.

And actually I wanted to go to the Ratzersdorfer See, (the last time I’ve seen it was in summer 2013, I think and I saw my first shooting star there) but since I have no phone and the coldness, we didn’t get there.

Sampai besok,


‘Ice is for death and endings.’ – Guy Gavriel Kay (Tigana)