Victoria, una pelicula alemana….no I don’t speak Spnish. Would be nice, though. Whatever, Victoria is a german film, starring an actress born in Barcelona, Laia Costa. She plays the person the film is named after, Victoria. A Spanish girl, living in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Without friends she goes to a club a meets four men, who tell her that they are ‘real Berlin people’ (I’ve no idea how I could translate it, so don’t judge me please). She spends a bit time with rthem before she opens the cafè where she works. Due to one of the, ‘Fuß’, being too drunk, the four men spontaneously ask her to come with them. Not knowing what exactly they want to do she says yes. The night/morning turns out to get way more out of control than expected.

There is not cut in the film. I think that’s called a oneshot (Yeah, I don’t know much^^). So you can follow Victoria and Sonne, Fuß, Boxer and Blinker really easy around. Not necessarily Fuß. He gets really drunk and sleeps in the car, they steal. I was a bit frustrated, because if I were her, I would’ve done some things different. However, I guess she would change a lot afterwards.

Ay, so many deaths. I liked the scene where Victoria and Sonne steal a baby. Don’t ask me why. I just like it^^.

I can’t say if I’d recommend it. I complained a bit (a lot).