Sea of the City

For whatever we lose, it's always ourselves we find in the sea. – E.E. Cummings




Victoria, una pelicula I don't speak Spnish. Would be nice, though. Whatever, Victoria is a german film, starring an actress born in Barcelona, Laia Costa. She plays the person the film is named after, Victoria. A Spanish girl, living... Continue Reading →


It’s December…

I don't hate Christmas. I love it, but I really hate listening to the same Christmas songs over and over again. Last Christmas, really? I used to like it, but now, well.... What I really love though are the markets now everywhere... Continue Reading →

A Short Walk In St. Pölten

Hello, my friends and not yet friends! As I promised there'll be more posts this week and this one's the first (it's a bit short though). It's a about 1pm and I'm leaving home with a friend. We're heading to... Continue Reading →

It's been a while....sorry, but I'm quite busy at the moment. Again I've actually no idea what to write about. So here's something to look at: I made it two or three years ago. Went to a park near my... Continue Reading →

World Freedom Day… today. And I'm laughing my ass off, because today's also the day the United States got a new president. It's Donald Trump and everyone seems to be panicking. Well, first Brexit and now this. What is going on this year?... Continue Reading →

News and me

Truth is I don't read the news regularly. Mostly friends or relatives tell me what's going on. However, from time to time I get to the website of 'The Guardian' (not only of course; it's just an example) where I... Continue Reading →

Viennale 2016

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October I went to the Viennale, a film festival  (20th October to the 2nd November). I watched two films which were directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan who also had minor roles in both films. His most recent film 'Manchester By... Continue Reading →

Too Much To Complain About (GoT/ASoIaF)

Why do they all die...oh, wait, it's Game Of Thrones. Whatever happens, someone dies. I love it as much as I hate it. No, I love it more. But really, why does everyone get killed? Maybe it's exactly that what... Continue Reading →

Sandwich Day

Happy Sandwich Day! First of all you should know the name John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich who lived in the 18th century. Yup, Sandwich. The food is named after the British noble (some islands as well) , who asked his... Continue Reading →

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