Sea of the City

For whatever we lose, it's always ourselves we find in the sea. – E.E. Cummings

First No Ideas And Then ‘Bahasa Indonesia’…and then magic(?)

It sucks to not have a phone. Sometimes... But I've much more time for anything else and that's so weird. I also read more books again, I mean I normally read a lot of books, but now, with more time,... Continue Reading →


Stress Awareness Day

Today, 2nd November 2016, is the Stress Awareness Day! I suggest you all should have a stress free day. We all deserve one from time to time. Or find out why you are stressed, remove the causes or try out strategies... Continue Reading →


6:50. This is not a joke. It's 6:50 and I've to get up, although I don't have to go to school for the next few days. Nope, I have to bring my sister to the kindergarten and she doesn't want... Continue Reading →

Boredom and Books

Sitting in my room with my laptop in front of me. I could actually do some things for school, but I'm not in the mood for that. Finished a book called 'How To Be A Parisan - Wherever You Are',... Continue Reading →

Sex Sells?

Commercials are representations of things or institutions. Sexism is sometimes used to gain attention, but can lead to stir the anger of people, especially women. Mostly it's a representation of them which excites others. Those, who don't really think about... Continue Reading →

World Press Photo 2016

Finally the bell rings and I can leave. I meet my mother and together we go to the World Press Photo Exhibiton 2016 in the WestLicht Museum in Vienna. It's located in the 7th district, so we don't need much time to... Continue Reading →

Afterwork Tuesday at the Artis Cinema

I don't go to the cinema often, so it's been quite a while since I saw a film there. We, two friends and I, planned to watch 'Suicide Squad' a few days before we actually did. However, all seats were... Continue Reading →

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